Tips And Tactics For A Successful And Well-Attended Diversity Event

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If you are planning a diversity event- at work, school, or in your community, There are a few things you can do to make sure it is a success! First and foremost, designate a team to plan and coordinate the schedule to ensure the event is structured, convenient, and worth attending for your participants.

Some more tactics for a successful diversity event are:

Plan on breaking-down large groups.

Depending on the size of your event, it can be beneficial to break the group down into smaller contingencies. This also allows you to come up with clever ways to break the ice among participants, with activities, games, and challenges.

Some tips include:

  • Plan on breakout rooms for ice-breakers and to facilitate engagement and interaction among participants, by breaking larger groups into smaller, more intimate ones.
  • Designate a community committee to come up with a catchy slogan, logo, or flyer for your event. Engage a school class or a team at the office to take on this task.
  • Ask participants to bring one item that they feel represents their uniqueness to the event. Use these as a conversation-starter, 'coffee-can' discussion, or other ice-breaking activity.

Make the most of social media.

Take advantage of social media to get the word out and allow participants to sign-up and 'follow' your event.

Create a safe space for participants.

Create a safe, confidential atmosphere for participants to share and learn by setting some basic rules for the day. This could include allowing others to speak uninterrupted, to leave questions of speakers until the end, and to maintain one-another's confidence during the function.

Keep it convenient to attend.

The date and place are key, as this may determine whether it is feasible for your audience to attend. Host the event at a convenient location, near a common workplace, but not actually in the workplace as this can interfere with participation or cause interruptions.

Send a take-home message.

Line up speakers, artists, and lecturers to make it worthwhile to attend. Give the audience something to take-away in terms of a message, some insight, or a little education.

Solicit and collect feedback.

Make sure to come up with some type of evaluation that allows you to garner feedback after the event. Pass these out before participants leave, or have them at the door during breaks or lunch.

Ensure a smooth and successful diversity event with these tips. Whether you are planning an open-forum in a local theater or a collective art display in a local gallery, make sure that guests are accommodated and rewarded for their participation in your diversity function.

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