How To Start Earning Money As A Comedian

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Comedy is one of those things that entertains and keep you laughing. If you enjoy laughing, then you may want to pursue a career as a comedian. Many people are hesitant about pursuing their dreams because of worrying about money. Read on to find out how to start earning money as a comedian.

Take Improv Classes

Many comedians start out making people laugh at the family barbecue. If you never perform on a stage, then you can benefit from improv theater classes. Improvisation (improv) is a form of live theater. You have to make up the plot, characters and dialogue at the spur of the moment. It is common to draw on inspiration to get started or take a suggestion from the audience.

These classes will allow you to learn the rules of improv. One rule is called the "Don't Deny", which is something you can use as an experienced comedian. When someone present you with an idea, you should go with it and try to build on what the person has created. However, taking improv classes help with gaining self-confidence, meeting new friends, improving communication skills and help you become more creative.

Build A Following On Social Media

Old school comedians made a name by performing at clubs. The new generation of comedians make their name through social media. You can gain a following by posting videos on YouTube and Instagram. To gain fans, they must see your talent. You can make some videos of you telling jokes. To gain a strong following, it helps to post on social media and perform at clubs.

However, you can gain a lot of experience from open mic. If you can build a following of fans, then you can make money. Your fans are the ones who will buy tickets to your shows.

Sell Merchandise

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you need several streams of income. You are going to make most of your money from doing shows. If you must cancel a show for some reason, then you will lose that money. Selling merchandise gives you another way to make money.

If you have a funny saying, then you can put it on a t-shirt. You can sell these t-shirts to your fan base.

Laughter is good for the world. Sometimes, you must laugh to keep from crying. Being a comedian is fulfilling for you and your fan base.

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